Solar Water Heating


Get Hot water throughout
the year without running cost.


Solar Water Heating System

With energy savings and reliable operations like never before, Honeywell solar water heating systems address the daily hot water requirements for varying family sizes, climate conditions & building types. We have a well trained installation team, making our solutions easily accessible to end users, thus bringing the power of the Sun to every home. Honeywell solar water heating systems range from 100/200/300 liters per day stand alone models to centralized systems of several thousand liters capacity, applicable to all building types; right from individual bungalows, row houses, multi-storied apartments to large townships, swimming pools, and commercial and industrial applications etc.

How does Honeywell solar water heater works?

Honeywell Solar Water heaters work on thermosiphon principle, a highly trusted and efficient system of water heating. The solar collector evacuated tubes that are optimized in geometry and performance. These tubes are constructed from two concentric glass tubes, half spherically closed on one side & fused together on the other side, the gap between them is evacuated & afterwards hermetically plugged (vacuum insulation). The internal glass tube has a highly selective @ eco friendly aluminum nitrite sputter layer on its external surface, that acts as an absorber, to effectively capture solar power.

Solar Water Heater Types & Specification :

Capacity 100L/150L/200L/300L 200L/300L/500L 100L/150L/200L/250L/300L/500L

Inner Tank

Stainless Steel SUS304-2B Stainless Steel SUS304-2B GI (2.5mm)

Outer Tank

Painted Steel> Painted Steel GI Powder Coated


Polyurethane Foaming Polyurethane Foaming Polyurethane Foaming

Anode Protection

Available* Available* Available*
Stand Aluminum Aluminum GI

Please Note : The above specification may change please check with us.