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30% Power saving.
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Maruthi Servo Stabilizers

Maruthi Servo Voltage Stabilizers is the equipment which provides constant output voltage to load without fluctuation. Generally, it has been observed that there is never a constant supply of voltage (230V in Single Phase or 415V in 3 Phase) in AC Main Supply. Usually, it varies from 140V-280V and 280V to 480 Volt. Hence, due to which the severe conditions can emerge like Over Load Conditions, Heavy Line Losses, Poor Power Factor, Problem of Machinery Damage, and many more.

Maruthi Servo voltage stabilizers save the life of costlier appliances, CNC machines, electrical equipments, medical equipments, motors, lab equipments etc. The principle of operating Servo Stabilizer involves comparing the output voltage with built in stable reference voltage source. The solid state control circuit operates the motor whenever the output voltage falls or rises beyond the preset voltage. Precisely engineered to perfection, our servo voltage stabilizer features a solid state circuit to control the servo motor. The motor is mechanically attached to the arm of a continuously variable auto transformer which feeds to the primary of a series control buck boost transformer. The stabilizer output voltage is compared with the reference voltage & resultant error signal controls the Servo Motor providing true proportional control systems rather than on/ off circuit.

  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Appliances
  • Ensures Quick, steady and accurate voltage to load.
  • Constant output voltage, despite load current variations.
  • Balanced output voltage, irrespective of input unbalance.
  • Approximately 98% efficiency.
  • Customization possible.
Technical Specification Of Maruthi Servo Voltage Stabilizer
Input Wide Range 240 V to 465 V  -  3 Phase
Wide Range 140 V to 270 V  -  Single Phase
Input Frequency Range 47Hz    -  53Hz.
Output Voltage 415V +/- 1% ( 3Phase)
230V +/- 1% ( Single Phase)
Output Regulation ? 1%
Correction Rate 70V / Sec
Output Wave Form Reproduction of input without any distortion
Efficiency 98%
Reset Auto Reset with time delay
Motor A.C synchronous motor with instant
Start / Stop characteristics
Meter Input / Output Volt meter
Indications Input Low
Input High
Output ON
Mains ON
Protection Over / Under voltage trip
short circuit protection (MCCB ? Optional)
Slow blow fuse to protect motor
Special fuse for variac
Inbuilt Single phasing prevention (3 phase stabilizers)
Inbuilt bypass.
Duty Cycle Continuous
Cooling Type Air Cooled


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