NX Series UPS

Line Interractive UPS

For Small & Medium Enterprises


Maruthi NX Series is a Line Interractive UPS designed with Microcontroller / Microprocessor based PWM technology, which is more reliable. It has inbuilt Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) for wide input range operation, since this Line Interractive UPS can work at mains mode even at 140V and gives regulated output supply. 

Today in India, small and medium enterprise (SME) segment is growing tremendously. Applications based on technology solution and office automation equipments are playing a major role in this growth.

The need for providing quality power for those requirements has become extremely vital. Maruthi NX series UPS systems are engineered to meet the demands for quality power in SME and SOHO segment.

Maruthi NS Series UPS is the simplest and very cost effective solution for safe guarding your computers, modem and telecommunication equipments from heavy voltage fluctuation and also Data loss due to sudden power failure.

Capacity Available :

  • NX1024
  • NX1524
  • NX2024
  • NX2048
  • NX3048
  • NX3060


Personal computer, LAN application, Printer, Modem, FAX, Telecommunication equipments, Security system, etc.

  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Inbuilt protection
  • Microcontroller based PWM technology.
  • 100% safety for equipments.
  • Ultra fast change over.
  • Highly Advance Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
  • Extra wide input voltage range.
  • Phased loop locked to AC mains for synchronizing transfer.
  • Intelligent Battery Management.
  • Short circuit proof.
  • Feather touch control.
  • Enhanced battery life.
  • Full time EMI/RFI suppression.
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Lower operation temperature.
  • Battery deep discharging protection.
  • Cold start facility.
  • Protection against Input over voltage, Over charging, Over load and Short circuit.
  • Extended battery run time upto 8hours.
Technical Specification
Input voltage 140 ? 270 VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz ? 5Hz
Output voltage 220VAC ? 5%
Output Frequency 50Hz ? 0.5Hz
Waveforms Quasi Sine wave
AC Normal AC main LED Green.
AC Fail AC main LED Red.
Battery charging Battery LED Green.
Battery Discharging Battery LED Red.
Alarm Signal
AC Fail one second beep.
Battery condition continuous beep, before shut down.

Output short circuit, Low Battery, Battery Over charging, Input over voltage, Battery short circuit.

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Maruthi Power is known for its excellent after-sales service. We have set a new benchmark and standard for after-sales service in the power backup industry. Our service centre uses a CRM system to keep complete records of clients, containing their product and contact information. This information allows quick tracking of any complaint and helps us provide services beyond customer expectations. Our service team consists of experienced and highly professional engineers who stay in touch with our customers for preventive maintenance at regular intervals. We provide 24x7 support for all critical-mission applications and ensure maximum availability of the UPS to customer.