OFF  Grid System


Generate your Own Power


Maruthi Solar Power GEN(Off Grid Power Pack) :

During normal mode of operation when sun power is available, solar panel charges the battery through MPPT charger. Simultaneously it also supports the load through the inverter.

Battery will support the load, in-case of solar power is weak or not available.

Incase battery is discharged and the solar is not available, Grid power will support the load and simultaneously charge the battery.

Technical Features :

  • Micro Processor based design.
  • Bi-Directional Solar Inverter with MMPT charger controller.
  • High Efficiency and Reliability.
  • User Friendly LCD Display.
  • Inbuilt Isolation Transformer.
  • Sophisticated local & Remote monitoring system(optional)

Key Features :

  • Renewable, Non – Polluting and silent.
  • Saves Electricity Bill.
  • Very easy Installation.
  • Zero maintenance.