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Maruthi Pure Sine Wave Inverter :

The Maruthi Pure Sine Wave Inverter system is a DSP technology based automatic power backup system. It switches on instantly when there is a power failure and gives you non stop power without interruption, so that you don?t even realize that there has been a power cut. When the power is restored, it switches over automatically to the mains and recharges the battery simultaneously, which keeps it ready for the next unexpected event.

Maruthi ipower pure sine wave Inverter system is designed to support Air conditioners, Refrigerator, Deep Freezer and motor operated Machineries.

Features :

  • DSP ( Digital Signal Processing ) Technology ensures high reliability.
  • Absolute and stable pure sine wave output suitable for all appliances and also keeps your appliances 100% safe.
  • Supports even very sensitive equipments.
  • Intelligent Battery Management Technology (IBM) increases the battery life and improves Battery performances, which sense the battery voltage at regular interval & sets the charging voltage automatically.
  • Noiseless operation by Inverter and also the appliances connected with Inverter (No Humming Noise )
  • Over load Auto Reset function resets the inverter automatically incases of over load without manual operation.
  • Protection against Over Load, Short Circuit, Low Battery and Over Charging.

Applications :

Maruthi DSP pure sine wave inverter not only runs light & Fan but also your expensive, sensitive appliances like DVD player, LCD TV, Computer, Refrigerator, Water pumps, Mobile charges, A/c?s etc.

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DSP ( Digital Signal Processing) is the world best and most advanced technology in the area power electronics.


Pure Sine Wave – Safe for appliances.

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Maruthi Pure Sine wave Inverter delivers 100% pure & steady power, which is even better than power supply from mains. Hence, it not only support light & fan and also supports your sensitive and sophisticated appliances like LCD TV, Refrigerator, Air conditioner, etc...

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Maruthi Power is known for its excellent after-sales service. We have set a new benchmark and standard for after-sales service in the power backup industry. Our service centre uses a CRM system to keep complete records of clients, containing their product and contact information. This information allows quick tracking of any complaint and helps us provide services beyond customer expectations. Our service team consists of experienced and highly professional engineers who stay in touch with our customers for preventive maintenance at regular intervals. We provide 24x7 support for all critical-mission applications and ensure maximum availability of the UPS to customer.