ON  Grid Roof Top System


Generate your Own Power


ON – Grid Roof Top System (1KW – 100KW):

ON – Grid is single / 3phase power supply with Grid Interactive feature. This system supplies electricity directly to the connected load during sun power available.

This DC power becomes input for the inverter. The Inverter converts it into conventional AC power and art Grid synchronization design, this AC power is fed to the supply grid.

Technical Features :

  • Micro Processor based design / DSP based MPPT design.
  • Bi-Directional Solar Inverter.
  • High Efficiency and Reliability.
  • User Friendly LCD Display.
  • Inbuilt Isolation Transformer.
  • Sophisticated local & Remote monitoring system(optional)

Key Features :

  • Renewable, Non – Polluting and silent.
  • Saves Electricity Bill.
  • Very easy Installation.
  • Expandable in feature.
  • Zero maintenance.