Solar UPS in Chennai


Maruthi engineers will help in planning your requirements related to power conditioning and do the site study and recommend you the right ups / inverter  systems. Being an expert in power electronics Maruthi team of engineers will be able to suggest the most appropriate and cost effective solutions by thinking from customer side.

Presales Services

  • Understanding the requirements.
  • Suitable design.
  • Selection of Product.
  • Power requirements & Product rating.
  • Grid Power rating.
  • Support for suitable electrical wiring.
  • Co-ordination with Architects, Interior Designers & Electrical Contractors for a proper Installation & Commissioning.
  • We are giving best service and giving best inverter in chennai. 


  • Maruthi's delivery team has a network for on door delivery, off door and positioning the product,Maruthi giving best inverter in chennai.
  • Installation has to be done only by Maruthi Engineers or Engineers authorized by maruthi.
  • Commissioning & Servicing are provided by Maruthi.
  • Our equipments will carry a user manual, which contains start-up procedures.
  • Necessary training will be provided to the concern persons for a smooth operation and usage.
  • Maruthi providing best service and best inverter in chennai


Customer satisfaction is the core competence of maruthi inverter is best inverter in chennai, at maruthi after sale service will be given the top priority. Maruthi products carry a warranty of ONE YEAR from the date of dispatch. Warranty is against any manufacturing defects. Maruthi inverter in Chennai service centers are located in various cities over country to facilitate prompt services to all our customers. All service centers are well equipped with sufficient spares. Our service team consists of experienced and Highly professional Engineers who are in regular touch with our customers through preventive maintenance at regular intervals. We provide 24 x 7 x 365 support for all critical mission applications which ensures maximum (99%) availability of the product. In case of non serviceability of product standby product will be provided to avoid down time.


Annual Maintenance Contract will be taken for our products after warranty period. We do best inverter in Chennai and preventive maintenance at regular interval to avoid break down maintenance and to keep your equipment at the level of perfection you want and expect, automatically without you have to remind us. Comprehensive Annual Maintenance contract will also covers spare parts and in case of any failure spare parts will be replaced at free of cost. We do take AMC of third party ups and inverter in Chennai / Inverter also after inspection by our Engineers.


We do also provide UPS systems on hiring in a monthly basis.